Tell me what your desired outcome is and I will use my skills, experience and intuition to deliver the best possible results for you. Marix take a holistic view of your circumstances to provide a massage service specific to your individual needs, we understand that every client and every session is different.

Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority, check out our 5-star reviews. Most of our clients are repeat customers or have been recommended by friends and family who have used our services for over 10 years.



Combination of Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.


A relaxing comfortable massage with nice pressure.


A firm massage to help you with your pain and stress.


If you have a long term injury and you need someone to remove the “knots”


1 Hour Massage


In 2009…
One day out of nowhere I started to feel pain in my shoulder. Suddenly my shoulder lifted and just stayed there. It got really stiff, and I couldn’t move it.

The pain was so bad, and it was so hard to move my neck, arms and shoulder. I got scared and I panicked.

“what’s going on. I haven’t done anything”- I thought.

It turned out I had a frozen shoulder.

My GP recommended paracetamol for the pain and …”just rest for few weeks”.

I took paracetamol but the pain and stiffness were still there. I couldn’t rest for few weeks. I had to go to work, I had to drive, I had to study…but I couldn’t even move my arm or turn my head.

Lucky for me I was already studying Massage Therapy and one of my teachers helped me with my injury. It was like a magic. I couldn’t believe I was able to move my neck just after 60minutes.

Suddenly my worse day ever, turned into my best day, and from that moment I knew massage would be my specialisation – to help people with their pain, tension and injuries and stress caused by all the pain.

Why massage for office workers?
I opened Marix Therapy in 2011 treating everyone, but over the years I also started to specialise and adapt my massage techniques to help with bad posture.

Believe it or not, my job is very similar to an office workers.
– I’m hunching over my massage couch all day like you do over your desk.
– I’m putting pressure on my back, neck and shoulders like you do sitting for hours.
– If I’m not standing correctly then I get problems with my lower back and hips.
– My arms and hands get overused as well like yours from typing all day and tensing them but of course for me is because of massaging.
And last but not least – I can help you with your stress.

In 2018, I overworked myself, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I took on more work than I was able to handle. Another visit to GP ended up with him recommending I take time off work. This was not an option for me because I was running a busy clinic with 5 staff depending on me and long list of clients.

Following recommendations from my friends I discovered counselling therapy, meditation, yoga, and mindset workshops.

What should you expect from me:

  • I use holistic approach to massage. Holistic means treating the mind and body as one.
  • For me you are not just a “body on my massage couch” and the rest doesn’t matter.
  • I have created an environment where you can feel safe, cosy and relaxed and this is because from time to time I know how important is for people to escape the crazy, demanding world and switch off and recharge.
  • In terms of the treatment itself, I remember my shoulder pain so I can empathise with you. I understand your pain and frustration. I will teach you how to communicate with me so I can learn about you, then I can use my skills and experience to give you the best results as soon as possible.
  • I often hear from clients: ”you are someone between a Spa and physio because you fix my body but I feel very relaxed here”


Mrs M. works as a manager for a big company.
She came to me suffering from stress and commented:” I have been everywhere. Nobody can help with my shoulder pain. My physio doesn’t want to see me anymore. I don’t have time to exercise or even stretch. I spend too many hours in front of my laptop and my upper back is totally stiff…can you also check what is going on with my lower back…I’m getting this pain from my lower back going straight to the back of my legs.

Almost 90% of my clients tell me a very similar story.

To cut a long story short…Mrs M. comes to me now on a regular basis, walking in with a big smile on her face and her outcome is “a body and mind MOT”. Her shoulder is much better now. I recommended that she changes her siting position slightly (no exercise was needed…just a different sitting position).
And what was that pain in her lower back and leg? No, it was not sciatica. It was just a bit tension in one muscle in her lower back and her hamstring was very tense, so I sorted that as well by helping her slightly change her posture.

(for stress, tension, pain and injuries)

Mr. J. works for his own company from home but also travels a lot all over UK.
He is already tried a physiotherapy and has had many manual therapy sessions since his car accident when he was in his 20s.

Due to his injuries, he suffers from pain in his neck, back and legs. He had whiplash, broke his shoulder in few places and totally crushed his leg and had to have 3 leg operations over the years.

He is only in his 40s now, and if not for massage and releasing all the tense muscles around all the injuries, he won’t be able to move his neck, walk or drive.

So, just like Mrs. M. we worked together session by session to achieve his goals, now he tells me how he is feeling physically and mentally session by session and (in his words) he says … “I work my magic”.


Level 3 Spa and Holistic at Therapy Trafford College (2009)
Level 3 Sports Therapy at Trafford College (2011)
Diploma in Hopi Ear Candles at Trafford College ( 2010)
Diploma in Hot Stone Therapy at Orchid Indulgence School (2011)
Diploma in Traditional Thai Massage at Trigger Physiotherapy Centre ( 2013)
Diploma in Shiatsu at Trigger Physiotherapy Centre ( 2013)
Diploma in Pregnancy/ Abdominal Massage at Gateway Workshops ( 2015)
Diploma in Advance Deep Tissue Massage at Gateway Workshops ( 2015)
No Hands Massage Therapist at No Hands School ( 2016- 2018)
Certificate in Adapting Massage for Cancer Care at Christie Hospital (2016)
Level 2 in Counselling Concept at Manchester College ( 2022)